Proszę o sprawdzenie tego wypracowania i napisanie ewentualnych błędów;p

What is the most important in life? For each of us surely something else. Usually fall such answer as: money, health, love, children, job.
I could exchange without end. But I choose something else. Money is needed to life in stately. But can give happiness? Personally,
I thing this is not true.
Health is important and gives us a good feeling. But does being sick I have to be unhappy, because I lost it, what is the most important for me?
Children are important. Should be for parents and educators the most important things. I am not however, neither parent nor educator.
Love is one of more important experience in life. And beautiful. But is the most important? Someone say that love is a chemical process, resulting in the brain and up to three years. I hope this is not true.
But the friendship is the most important in my life. What is friendship for me? For me this is a great relationship based on understanding, sympathy and trust. Is it not a friend of the most important thing in life? Choose your friends voluntary, nothing in the friendship is not imposed on us. What is and how it works for me, true friendship? It is primarily a relationship of mutal trust.
When we feel bad, please helps a friends. But life is not so beautiful. What do you do, when you see that your friend is wrong and is deaf on your warning? Many people will say: Go and do as you want. I told you. I warned! Does say that friend, closed to us? I am sure, it isn't. A friends will say this: You doing wrong, but if think that this will be your way, go and try. But remember, if you need help, you can count on me. What do you feel when you hear that? Happy!



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But can it give happiness?
Personally, I think it's not true. ale jak to zdanie masz jest ok