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Zespoł Perfect

Perfect – Polish team rock, established in 1977. He enjoyed the greatest popularity to the solution in 1983. The biggest hits of the group date from this period: don't cry Ewka, we want to be ourselves, but it is around cheerfully, little I can let you, Autobiography. In 1993 the team re-established itself (without the previous leader and the author of the majority of Zbigniew's composition Hołdysa) and is acting to today. In Poland a concert album was the first plate of the 21st century "Live 2001". In 2002 the team released the plate "symphony", with Radio Orchestra recorded with Poland which beat up current of Poland record on the musical market, because already after two weeks from the premiere, acquired the status of a platinum disc record. In 2003 Grzegorz Markowski, together with one's team, organised a happening. At hour 8 in the morning, in the centre of Warsaw, on the roof of the building "' Cepelia' "the team played the concerto. The concert closed with stopping by police of Markowski, for disrupting of public order. In 2004 the team released its sixth studio, titled plate "Stairs". She was published only in the Internet, and Perfect was the first Polish team which made up its mind for releasing its first-night plate exclusively in the Internet.
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