Trzeba mi opisać zwierzęta po angielsku w jak najprostszy sposób czyli ile ma nóg jakiego jest koloru co je gdzie żyje itd. Oto zwierzęta toad(ropucha), badger(borsuk), stork(bocian) i rooster(kogut. Prosze o jak najszybszą odpowiedź potrzebne na jutro.



Borsuk: Gray color on the back, the abdomen and legs black. Visible on the head of two white longitudinal stripes. The ears are small. Body completed a short tail. Limbs have after 5 fingers with long claws.

Bocian: Plumage coloration white tips of the wings and tail black. Long legs and red beak and long red, sharply terminated. In-flight upright attitude, uses warm surface currents and the wings, it moves primarily glider flight.

Kogut:male housewife, as well as most other grzebiących. Typically, the cock is bigger than the female, and colorful, with strongly developed crest, longer tones, arched tail feathers in the corneum and spur on the foot.

Ropucha:These are animals of different body size (up to 25 cm). The characteristic features of the construction of their bodies are stocky, compact profile, extended length tułowiowym, and short hind legs. In the upper jaw and lower jaws lack teeth. In the absence of a skeleton of ribs. There are calluses on the skin. Language of narrow, big, nieprzyrośnięty back. They have a middle ear and eardrum. Male toads are called. Bidder's organs. Toads are carnivorous.

The skin glands of toads are poisons, which are passive and the only way to properly defend them against predators, toads because the animals are slow and heavy, they can not escape predators. With these glands jadowym can distinguish them from the frogs. Particularly high concentration of these glands occur on the head, above the eyes, creating the so-called. parotid glands.