Hej , musze opowiedziec po angielsku o :

' the area where you live'
' the physical environment of your school'
' the classroom in which you learning'

Wiem, ze nie wiecie nic o miejscu gdzie mieszkam, o szkole i klasie. Ale potrzebuje chociaz wskazowki, jak mam sie zabrac za mowienie o tym i jak moze wygladac przykladowa mowa.
Z gory Dziekujee ;**



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I live in big city- i really like it! I love going to the shopping centres or cinemas. Here we have very beautiful parks, too. It is very nice to go to the park after school, after tiring and stressful day.
My school is really nice. I like people who go here. They are very helpful, for example when i'm ill, some of them always come to my house and help me with homework. In my school is really nice atmosphere. We don't use violence, we're not rude to each other. We are one community, so we have to live in nice atmosphere.
Classrooms in my school are spacious. Here we have many teaching aids- they help us in learning. Every table and chair are clean.
It is pretty nice to live here!
Mam nadzieję, że pomogłam ;)