You are going to buy a birthday present for your friend. Prepare answers for these questions.
1. What are you going to buy for your friend ?
2. Why will she like it ?
3. What other ideas can you suggest?
4. What does your friend like doing ?
5. What are you going to do at the weekend?
6. Do you want to add any extra information ?
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1. I will buy the book for her, since he likes to read.
2. a present will appeal to her.
3. perhaps I for her will still buy sweets and the computer game. 4. my friend likes to read and to drive car.
5. in the weekend I am leaving to the sea.
6. no, I don't want.

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1. I'm going to buy some new computer games for my friend.
2. Because she really likes playing computer games.
3. I'd give him/her some great clothes.
4. My friend likes playing computer games and cycling.
5. I'm going to go to the cinema with my friend.
6. I wish my friend Happy Birthday.
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