Proszę o rozwiązanie krzyżówki ja napisze pytania i ile ma kratek

1.Do you study __________ and communication technology? (11liter)
2.Peter _________ to wear a uniform to school.(3litery)
3._________ you have to get up early? (2 liter)
4.Is ________ a CD player in your classroom? 5 liter
5.Are there an books in the cupboard?
No. there _______.5 liter
6.Go trough the doors and the library is ________ your right 2 litery
7.The canteen is on the right and the library is on the left. They are ________ each other. 8 liter
8._________ me. Where is the canteen?6 liter
9.Classroom 10 is ________ to classroom 11. 4 litery
10.Go up the_______ 6 liter
11.Mandy can go out tonight.She ________ have to do any homework 6 liter
12.Go _______ the corridor.5 liter
13.There are two posters on the __________ board. 6 liter
14.Turn _________ at the end of the corridor. 4 liter



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hm.. Napiszę Ci to co wiem:)
3. Do
4. There
5. Aren`t
6. On
8. Excuse
9. Next
14. Left

Mam nadzieję że coś Ci to pomoże;)