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Complete with used to, be used to, or get used to and the verb in brackets.

He's Spanish so he's ised to driving on the right (drive)

1)When Nathan started his first job, he couldn't ......at 6 a.m (get up)
2)If you want to lose weight, then you'll have to ... less (eat)
3) I don't like having dinner at 10.00-I ... a meal so late (not/have)
4) When we were children we .... all day playing football in the park. (spend)
5) Jasmine has been a nurse all her life so she .... nights (work)
6)I've never worn glasses before, but I'll have to .... them (wear)
7)I didn't recognize you! You .... long hair, didn't you? (have)
8) Amelia is an only child. She .... her things. (not/share)



1. getting up
2. eatting
3.no having
4. spending
8. not sharing

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1)get used to get up
2)get used to eat
3) i'm not used to have
4) used to spend
5) is used to work
6)get used to wear
7)used to have
8)is not used to share
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