My favorite movie is tytuł It is very interesting. Moving some of the case. Sometimes sad and sometimes emotional. I really like this movie because I have my best actors such as .......aktorów wypisz...! I love this video watch a pity that it lasts so short and not always flies.
I like it my favorite movie actors " twilight " very and whole obsade. It is possible be observe conceived addictive be excellently him (it) all the time very. I like movie under title very " twilight

mój ulubiony film to "zmierzch" bardzo lubię aktorów i całą obsade.
jest świetnie pomyślany można go oglądać cały czas jest bardzo wciągający.
bardzo lubię film pod tytułem"zmierzch"

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I'm great fan of comedie movies so my favourite film is "Kiler" directed by Juliusz Machulski. The main role plays Cezary Pazura. The film tells the story of Warsaw cabbie - Jurek Kiler. He lands behind bars, having been taken by inspector Fish for the most dangerous contract killer. Jurek sprung from jail with Siara's help - Warsaw mafia boss. Jurek gets a contract to kill a TV presenter - Ewa. He manages to do all the contracts he was comnissioned with Ewa's help. Luckily the story has its happy end. It's great film for all comedie fans. I recomended it to any one who likes laughing. It's worth seeing.

cabbie - taksówkarz
lands behind bars - ląduje za kratkami (w więzieniu)
sprung - uciekać
jail - więzienie