Can- I can play computer games.I can play football.I can go to pub.
can't-I can't go to school.I can't watch TV.I can't go jogging.
could-You could tidy your room.She could buy ice cream.I could play computer games.
must-I must wash the dishes.I must do homework.She must hel her mum.
mustn't-I musn't go shopping.I musn't do homework.We musn't stay on lesson.
have to-I have to go on training.She have go shopping.He have eat dinner.
don't have to-I don't have to homework.I don't have to repair my bike.I don't have to help my dad.
shall-She shall drive a car.He shall go on training.I shall make pie
may-I may do homework.She may do make up.He may help his brother.
should-You should tidy your room.You should go shopping.You should go to school.
shouldn't-You shouldn't do photos.You shouldn't eat more.You shouldn't drive a car.
1. I can go to school
2.I can go to the cinema on Saturday evening
3.I can go to my friend's birthday party

1.I can not drink alcohol
2.I can not sit long on computer
3.I can not listen to English lessons

1.He could be from Poland.
2.He could speak fluent English when he was five.
3.My grandfather could play chess very well.

1.She must be present at the meeting.
2.He must be right.
3.We must be honest

1.You mustn't take your book with you.
2. In future, you mustn't be so careless.
3.Do not you take your dog to school

1.I have got to buy a new car.
2.I always have to get back home by bus
3.I have to clean the kitchen tomorrow.

1. I don't have to clean my room
2.I do not have to go to school tomorrow
3.I do not have to go by bus to visit my grandmother tomorrow

1.Shall I open the window?
2.Shall I call for help?
3.Shall we go to a bar?

1.She may be present at the meeting.
2.We might be late.
3.She may be present at the meeting.

1.He should do it again .
2.Should he be more careful?
3.We should go that way.

1.It shouldn't rain tomorrow.
2.Tomorrow should not be a test of the German
3.It should not snow on Saturday