Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
We have four seasons. It's Autumn, Winter, Spirng and Summer.
Autumn starts in September and end in December. In this season people collect fruits. In trees we see a gold and red leaves. In Autumn it's to much rain. I don't like this season.
After Autumn we have a Spring. It start in December and end 21 th March i day of truants. It's beautiful season. In winter we have a Christmas. In Winter it's to much snow. But we can mold blockheads..
The next is Spring. I think is best season. Flowers begin to grow. Temperatur risining very fast. We can paly football and ride a bikecikle. Spring start in March and end in June.
The last seasons is Summer. In summer we have a holiday. In this season is very hot. We can swim in sea and climb in mountains. Summer start at end of School year and end in September.
Nie będę pisał. Crisiano9 dobrze to zrobił! :P