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Your Grandad has just bought a computer. Write notes for him how to use the internet, explain to him how to:
- Write an email,
- Download Music,
- Buy a book online.

Ok, i will tell you how to use the internet (writing emails, downloading music and buying books online).
"How to write emails"
Frist step:
Open the Outlook Express and click on "Write a new message".
Now click on the "to" window and for example write: [email protected],co,uk, next step is - click on "tittle" window, for example write: "Disscusion about cheese".
Last step is.. Click on 'message' window and write something you want.

How to download music...
Frist step:
Open the Mozilla Firefox or Internet Explorer, go to i-tunes,com. Now you must make an account, when you have done it, you must buy virtual money into your i-tunes account (By SMS or Money Transfer). Now you can start download the music! If you want to do it, you must click on 'search' window and type what you want (for example Lady Gaga - Bad Romance). When you have done it - you must click on the track name and click 'download'. After this u must click 'save'. ENJOY :)

How to buy a book online...
Frist step is: Open the Mozilla Firefox abd type www,,uk. Then make an account and log-in. Type your book name into search window... For example: 'Harry Potter and Chumber of Secret'. Click on the book title and "BUY", next choose option 'pay postman'.

Jeżeli COKOLWIEK zrobiłam źle proszę o korektę :(



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