Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Monday 22.03.10
I woke up and i ate breakfast while my phone was ringing. This was my friend , he wanted to go play football so i go with him. When i came back to m house i was watching TV and later i went to bed. I weren't in school because i was ill.

Tuesday 23.03.10
After tiring monday i woke up and ate breakfast like everyday . I called my friend to go for fishing trip he was busy , so i won't interuppt to him . I was thinking about new ideas and i decided to go to Aqua Park with my best friends . We was having a fantastic time . I back and at 20.00 p.m i wen't to cinema for some films and i back to house . I toke shower and went to bed .

Wednesday 24.03.10
I woke up i was bad feeling so i dont came to school . I was reading some books. I opened my computer and i started to play on computer games , i ended on afternoon. I had to go to church .I done my homework and i watching TV rest of the day . I had etter feeling then on morning . But also i had to go sleep because im student .
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