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type of clothing to protect the diver from the cold (water receives from the human body heat 25 times better than air), the excessive effects of the sun (snorkelling in tropical waters) and abrasions (reef, rock, wreck).

Spacesuit in the case of the classical diving is an integral part of diving equipment. Currently suits are divided into wet (made of neoprene), dry (eg compacted trilaminatu or neoprene) and semiarid.

Wet diving suit with a thin layer of water bonds, which after being heated by the body of a diver is an additional thermal insulation. Depending on the temperature of water used and the thickness of its various types of cut. Supplement may be a wet suit boots, hood and gloves.

Spacesuit dry thoroughly sealed around the neck and wrists, integrated with the shoes, it anticipates the water temperature corresponding to the layer of dry clothes. Due to the effect of reducing the volume of gas trapped in it due to increasing pressure by immersing (Boyle's law-Marriotte'a Isothermal), a dry suit is fitted with an addition of gas (valve dodawczy) and needed the ascent system for collecting excess gas (valve extraction-redundant). Gas used to carry dry immersion suits as may be argon, whose insulating properties are much better than air. For commercial use of deep-diving suits equipped with surface-powered heating systems.

Fridge - cupboard, wardrobe up to several hundred liters, which is kept inside the temperature lowered in relation to the environment. The main element of the refrigerator is a refrigeration appliance (refrigerator) usually compressor or absorption. Widely used since the 30 Twentieth century.

Household refrigerators used for food storage and cooling systems, such as beverages. These were often built as lodówkozamrażarki.

This electric device for cleaning objects, surface or air with dust and other loose contaminants (eg, crumbs, dust, chips), or the collection of spilled liquids through the air intake along with the pollution.
The vacuum cleaner creates suction centrifugal compressor, usually in several steps. Is driven by high speed electric motor (in modern vacuum cleaners are often more than 15 000 rpm). Collection (absorption) wessanego material occurs in a paper bag or a thick cloth, and can be absorbed in a water filter or separated in the cyclone operating on a centrifugal separator. Vacuum Cleaner Water ( "bucket") may collect both solids and liquids. As a separator to prevent the water from the engine vacuum sucked the foam from the tank water is used to fast-rotating turbine and a conical filter with a Gore-Tex fabric.

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