The festival is one of the most interesting events in Poland and the only of its kind in Europe. Warsaw International Film Festival III Combat Sports is the next installment of the great spectacles in which participate, actors, stuntmen, martial arts masters, as well as dancers and acrobats.
The festival is a demonstration of amazing human skill from beginning to end directed, almost spectacle consisting of several great parts, views, make up one whole. In this unique spectacle consists of, among others: musical, lighting, prepared by Robert Zych, working among others for Don King, and whether the first presentation of the unique human skills in prepared scenes for the festival. The whole spectacle of this one will be supplemented by multimedia presentations, and some of the presented scenes, such as fire dancers will be using a pair of ice. The combination of fire and ice give couples an unforgettable visual effects.
On 23 January 2010 will be another installment of this spectacle. Once again take part in it wonderful characters and celebrities, including Shihan Maciej Grubski, actor Robert M Series Moscow as Love, Hania Konarowska from the movie Ladies' and Pit Bull, Master Nam, actor and director Janusz Jozefowicz in musicals, I have neither Komorowska participants talent show featuring soaring on the ropes. Olivia Cuckoo, dancer and choreographer at the Theatre Mermaid. Mirek Barszowski, a man trained in the Shaolin Monastery in China, capable of belly hang on a spear, or relying on the neck spearhead push the car.
The Festival, taking the best of the best champions of the world, Europe, the Polish, the worldwide leading group Extrim Martial Arts of Finland.
Prepared for the festival screenings, inspire awe, admiration, and some acrobatics and kicks at 2 and a half meters are breathtaking. Another element of this show is a show of strength and resilience including: violations of many different subjects, boards, concrete slabs, kilkudziesięciocentymetrowych blocks of ice, or kilkucentymetrowych broken sticks on one of the participants.
The Festival is full of emotion arrangement, both for those who like strong emotions, and for those who want to admire the beauty of motion, art of fighting scenes directed.
What can be seen during the festival, can be seen only in the best fight scenes in action movies. This and many more will be exhibited at the Third Festival.
The importance and attractiveness of the festival provides, inter alia, is that when I run out of festival tickets and the festival itself has been described in the United States.
Excerpts from both festivals were presented on the pages of nearly all television stations, including TVP 1, TVP 2 TVP 3, WOT, TVP Sport, TVN Warszawa, N Sport, Polsat Play, Superstacja, Canal +, lookr.tv
"14 great scenes, shows in combination with music, light, supplemented by multimedia effects create an amazing spectacle. Each scene is another story, show a distinct and unique experience. "
Editor in Chief Peter Szymanowski Sport for All
The festival was attended by people like Mark Piotrowski, Pawel Nastula, Diablo Krzysztof Wlodarczyk, Master Nam, Hania Konarowska, Anna Komorowska, 9 times world champion Muay Thai Andrei Molchanov, Mirek Pisarek actor and stuntman in the film Janosik, Maciej Sikoński multiple world champion White weapons, as well as guests from Ukraine, Vietnam, Japan,

Submission to the second edition of the Festival SHORT WAVES we consider to be started. We invite artists to submit videos. The main criterion for length: the film must not exceed 30 minutes. The form, theme, style or genre - any important movie to satisfy the requirements of quality, and has also been interesting. Detail the issue of recruitment is described in the Rules of the Festival (which can be found in the 'APPLICATION' - version to read, and in the 'press pack' version for download)
We remind you that the Short Waves Festival, whose main purpose is to showcase and promote Polish cinema short. Short Waves is a unique opportunity for makers of short movies that exist in a wide distribution. When I edit the shows were held in 28 Polish cities and in Berlin, Dublin and London. Short Waves jury is the audience, who vote for best film, wherever held demonstrations.