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My favourite place in my flat is the ...



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My Kingdom
There are different types of accomodation for example:houseboat,detached house and semi-detached house.I live in semi-detached house.My favourite place in the house is my bedroom.
My bedroom is small and tidy.I have there souvenirs,which I have collected from my travels.These things are very important for me.I have not many furnitures in my room.I have only desk,bed,wardrobe,shelf and small table.I spend much time in my bedroom,when I am preparing to lessons.
My bedroom is very peaceful and quiet.I can chill out there after school.I always feel nervous after school,because I am ambitious and hard-working.I sometimes like to be alone,that is why my room is very important for me.
To sum up I like peaceful and tidy places.In my bedroom I can dream and think about different problems.This is the most important for me.

My favourite flat is my room.I very like my room, i spend to much time in it.in my room is to much items..Room has green walls.There is much pictures on it. most i looking at the image of my family.There is my desk on which do homework.On this desk is my computer.There isn't a TV becauce my parent's didn't let me.There are two chairs.There is my big bed.It's very soft.I adore sleep on it.There is one table.Under table is carpet.There are two windows.There is a beutifiul view on forest from these windows.Benind table is big flower.I too have many flowers on my window.To my room I often invite my friends.We do homework or talk.Recently they were mine 15 I did birthday.Z of this chance party. the Party was held in my room.Invite in my room.When still accessed many friends which weren't very much for them my room appealed. everyone lounged on the sofa and then a party started. I very like my room because there i feel clamness.I thank my parents, behind the fact that they did this room for me. didn't exchange in order to of it on inny.I spent so much time in it how many it is possible.

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