I sat on chair
He became famous
They broadcast new episode 2 days ago
I was born in 1994
I went to cinema yesterday
I made a pizza
I got new book
I saw my friend in resaurant yesterday
She wrote a letter to her friend
He flew a plane to England
We rode a horse three days ago
I sold a computer yesterday
He stole a wallet

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I went to the theatre.
He bought a new car last mounth
My little sister broke my mum's expensive vase yesterday.
They came home very late last night
I fed my cat yesterday
I dreamt about holidays last mounth
I won in my lovely game
She left her keys yesterday
He read very intresting book last year
My mum dug in the garden last week
My sister gave me a gift in my birthday
I cut my hear yesterday
She woke up about seven o'clock yesterday

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