Think about your favourite place. Write a paragraph describing it. Use the texts in this lesson to help you.
Pomyśl o twoim ulubionym miejscu. Napisz opis o nim. Użyj tekstów z tej lekcji jako pomocy.
(możecie napisać o jakim miejscu chcecie, byle nie przesadzić :D)
tutaj są te teksty jakby ktoś chciał je przeczytać:



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Last holiday I went to England. I think that was my most faviourite place. Actually not all England. It is Thrope Park near the London. There are a lot of rollercoasters, Tidal Wave this is a huge boat where you go up then very hardly you hit the water no one can stay dry there, there is a huge swing called Rush it's very scary, Detonator is good as well, 4D cinema. There are many more attractions. I've been there only once but I'm sure I will go back there again. I had an unforgetable adventure. I think everyone should go there at least once. Have good fun.
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