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He died of tuberculosis in Paris in his apartment in the Place Vendome, 12, surrounded by a group of close friends.

His heart is in the Church of the Holy. Cross confirmed the city of Warsaw.

Named after the world's oldest Monographic music competition, held since 1927

Chopin and asked that his funeral was performed Requiem in D minor, Mozart.

His name was given among others sailing and general cargo, and the Academy of Music in Warsaw.

The composer had three sisters: Louise, Isabella and Emilia.

His grave is located in the Père Lachaise cemetery in Paris.

Phonographic Academy Award "Fryderyk" were named after Chopin.

Named after the Polish Baltic Philharmonic in Gdansk.

Named after the asteroid Wed 28.5 km.

Crater on Mercury.

Apparently, Frederic Chopin, as a child crying when his mother played the piano.

Warsaw press called him "little Chopinkiem", "child prodigy" and "second Mozart"

He was caught drawing a portrait of a teacher in the classroom. Rysowanego picture so amazed that the praise it.

Together with her sister Emilia wrote poems and comedies.

He was portrayed by Piotr Adamczyk in "Chopin - Desire for Love" in 2002.

Frederick's father took part in the insurrection which took place in 1794.

He was portrayed by Hugh Grant'a in "Improvisation" from 1991.

According to legend, Fryderyk Chopin was born when his father play the violin, Nicholas.

It is believed also that he possessed a literary talent, painting and acting.

In the years 1826-1829 he studied at the Warsaw School of Music.

Recent studies indicate that the cause of the composer's death was most likely cystic fibrosis, and not, as generally understood, tuberculosis.

Frederick as a teacher was very strict - the children thrown from the lapel of pianos on hand when classes were unable to.

The reason for the separation of Frederick and his mistress was a quarrel about the size of the given chicken for dinner.

It is called the poet of the piano.

Frederick's name was given in honor of St.. Frederick's name from his grandfather Francis Chopin.

His portrait appears on the 5000 zł Polish banknote from 1982.

Chopin composed already above the age of 7 years (Polonaise in G minor and the Polonaise in B flat major).