You come home after class and would like to make yourself a cup of hot chocolate. Your host is quite happy about that and tells you where everything is in the kitchen. Thank him/her and ask if he/she has had a good day.

Na podstawie powyższego tekstu ułóż dialog.

Szybko, pilne. Chciałabym mieć na dziś- godzina 20:00,
dzięki :)



-Hello, how are you?
-Fine thanks, and you?
-I have a really hard day in the school, but I think that a cup of hot chocolate will give me strenght and help me recover my lost good humour
-There is a cup on the shelf in the kitchen and the chocolate is in the green drawer.
-Thank you...I just found it. I'im sorry I didn't ask...I'm such an egoist: how was your day ?
-Well...when I was going on the bus, I meet my friend from the last class. We were talking about our dogs. Then I went shopping. I bought a very beatiful but also expensive dress..
- I'm happy that you spend your time good...
-Hi Kate. How are you this afternoon?
-Hello Ann. I feel tired after school and how are you?
-I'm great. It is very cold outside today.
-Winter is coming...
-I know what will worm us up-big mug of hot chocolate??
-Good idea. Can you tell me where i can find everything??
-Of course.... Mugs you have on a shelf over the sink.
-ok. I got it
-Chocolate powder is in cabinet on the right side of the fridge
-have it an i only miss milk which in a fridge
-perfect use microwave to heat milk it is the fastest way
FEW MINUTES AFTER was great idea thank you very much Kate for lovely hot chocolate
-No problem