Lesson the of religion at school. Priest tells children about marriage.
You - Know, that Arabs can have several wives? This be calls polygamy.
However Christians have only one wife. And this be calls...
Someone with You knows maybe?
In class silence, nobody raises hand.
- This be calls - priest prompts - mono... mono...
Jaś raises in mountain handle:
- Monotony!

Papa looks through diary school Jasia:
- What this, again one with history?
- Unfortunately, history likes repeating oneself...

It is beautifully. I rest great. Be calm and do not worry about me.

P. S. Co this is epidemi?

teacher calls in to answer Jasia and it asks:
- Loam is two razy two?
- Four - answer boy without consideration.
Teacher throws on him then, paw for shoulders and shaking it asks:
- Talk with who you are and you made from Jasiem what?

on the of lesson Polish
- Jasiu, what kind is word "budget"? - teacher asks.
- Female, I ask woman.
You - Are sure?!
- So, because there is hole!