The sun shone and birds sang. I couldn't sleep and I woke up early. I ate brekfast and drank coffe. I went to the shop and saw a dress. This dress cost 65Euro. I chose a beautiful dress. I lost my money and I bought this dress. I sat in the cofe bar and I saw some girls with my boyfriend. I didn't understand this. I didn't know about they had a date. Waiter brought me caffee I didn't think and hit her and dug her leg and bit arm. I become very dangerosu. My boyfriend left me and hurt my heart. I couldn'thear about this but he told me: you didn't meand anything for me. I tore and cut photo. I couldn't forget and forgive. My heart froze and my love fell. He swore love me all life and told me how he loved me. The girl lay on the floor all in blood. My ex-boyfriend rang for the ambulance and I got some pills.

Opowiadanie jest tylko i wyłącznie mojego autorstwa. Pisane z wzięciem pod uwagę jak największej liczby użytych czasowników nieregularnych. Historia pół żartem pół serio:)
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