Pomocyy dam najj:)!Plisss
Dopasuj oświadczenia do pytań.Pytania napisz w czasie Present perfect simple.
Np.I can't see anything.
f)Have you lost your glasses?
1)My exam is this afternoon.
2)We're going on holiday tomorrow.
3)It's Ruby's birthday.
4)Do you want to come out on my motorbike?
5)I'm not coming to school tomorrow.
6)Let's go out.
7)I feel really healthy.
8)That was delicious.
a)(you pass) your driving test?
b)(it stop) raining?
c)(you have) enough to eat?
d)(you learn) your vocabulary?
e)(you make) her a cake?
f)(you lose) your glasses?
g)(you tell) the teacher?
h)(you be) to the gym today?
i)(your brother find) his passport?
Pomocyy dam najlepszą:)!!!



1) My exam is this afternoon.
d) Have you learnt your vocabulary?

2) We're going on holiday tomorrow.
i) Has your brother found his passport?

3) It's Ruby's birthday.
e) Have you made her a cake?

4) Do you want to come out on my motorbike?
a) Have you passed your driving test?

5) I'm not coming to school tomorrow.
g) Have you told the teacher?

6) Let's go out.
b) Has it stopped raining?

7) I feel really healthy.
h) Have you been to the gym today?

8) That was delicious.
c) Have you had enough to eat?