Mam takie zadanko z angola... Trzeba napisać list. Musi być od 120 do 150 słów... Moze być troche więcej. Trzeba pisać według tego schematu który jest przedstawiony na zdjęciu.




My name is Matt Robbins (przykladowo:P) I live in the capital of Poland- Warsaw. I'm 16. I have one older brother and younger sister. I'm an outgoing and nice person.

My biggest passion is soccer. I love to play it and I hope I will become a professional soccer player in the future. (ponioslo mnie xD) My favorite soccer club is Real Madrid. I love watching their games. Besides soccer I also like listening to music. My favorite band is Linkin Park.

I go to the South Warsaw High School ;]. This is a really awesome school. Teachers are very cool and always helpful. Obviously my favorite class is P.E. School is quite big and I bet You will enjoy going there! My friends are looking forward to meet you.

So I'm curious what about you? Write me something about yourself. Do you like soccer as I do? Or do you have another hobbies? How old are you? Can't wait to meet You.

Take care,
I'm looking forward to hearing from You.

Hmm ogolnie to jestem debilem;] i przed chwilka zauważylam ze to trzeba napisac tylko plan listu a wiec:

1) Introduction- hello.
My name, my age, my siblings, place where I live, my character traits, such as: outgoing, nice

2) My hobby- soccer. What I like to do during my spare time (watching soccer games, listen to music). Favorite soccer club and music band.

3) Information about school. What school? My favorite class, something about school and people over there.

4)Asking for information about the person- such as what is his hobby? How old is he? Some phrases such as: Can't wait to meet you, take care.