Wyobraź sobie że twój przyjaciel ma problem:
-musi zrobioc dużo pracy domowej, ale chce wyjśc na dwór (He have to do a lot of homework, but he want to go out)
-chce kupic prenet urodzinowy , ale nie pieniędzy (He have buy a birthday present, but he don't have any money).
Napisz do niego e-mail w którym aproponujesz rozwiązanie problemu. Podaj powody do proponowanych rozwiązań.

Praca przynajmniej na połowe kartki z zeszytu!:)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Hi Adam,
I heard about your problem. Your brother told me that you need to buy a birthday gift but you don't have any money. I have a perfect solution for you. There is a very nice restaurant across my house. I have a friend who works there and he told me that they need somebody who can work on the next weekend. They are looking for somebody who can deliver food on Saturday and Sunday from 1pm to 7pm. If you take this job you would make some money and then you can buy the gift. I think it is a perfect solution for you because you would only have to work on one weekend and you can make some easy money. Let me know If you are interested so I can tell my friend. However if you can not work on this weekend there is a second solution. I have some money so I can borrow it to you. If you are going to choose this solution I just need to tell you one thing. In two weeks my mom has a birthday party so I would have to buy a gift for her. I don’t have too much money so you would have to pay me back before my mom’s party.
Take care, (name)