Uzupełnij zdania poprawną pormą czasowników w czasie Present Simple i Present Continous. Zwróć uwagę na różne znaczenia podanych czasowników!

1. a. Sharon has changed her haircut. I think she _____ (look) great now.
b. A: Can I help you ?
B: No, thanks, I _____ (just/look)

2. a. This old cheese _____ (smell) terrible. Throw it away!
b. I _____ (smell) the juice to see if it's still good. What do you think?

3. a. The party's great. Everyone _____ (gave) a good time.
b. Look, I _____ (not have) time to talk about this now.

4. a He wasn't keen on going abroad at first, but now he _____ (think) it will be a good idea.
b. Peter _____ (think) of buying a new car.



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. looks
I'm just looking
2. smells
I'm smelling
3. is having
don't have
4. is thinking
6 4 6