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Piła 5 nie ogladałam. Napisze o czyms innym jak nie bd chcieć to poprostu nie bierz ;) mysle jednak ze sie sprzyda ;)

My favourite film is Francuzki numer. The action of the film begins from the theft of the old, ruinous Mercedes which turns out to have for the former owner the great value. The car hits to the car second-hand shop where is bought by attractive Magdę. After some time and many chances 50-years old unemployed Stephen, his 20-years old son of Janets, Armenian Sergiej and the student from Nigeria Mach set out for Paris. On one of Varsovian streets becomes stolen ruinous 25-years old mercedes "the barrel". His owner sends with the trail of thieves of his own trusted people - Leo and Chwastka... In the meantime the car first hits to the second-hand shop, and afterwards becomes a property Magdy. The woman gives the announcement to the newspaper. She sets out for Paris and behind the non-exaggerated charge can take along several passengers. This is the unusual comedy the guard of the look round. The film is good to the inspection with familiar and also a family. Heartily I recommend ;)
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Young man, Adam (Leigh Whannell), is waking up chained to the rustyuzupełnić pipe in the crumbling basement. On the other side he is uncovering the room other terrified współ-uwięzionego of man. A Lawrence Dr. is it Gordon (Cary Elwes). On the floor between them a dead man is laying in a pool of blood, calibre 38 keeping the gun in the motionless hand. None of men knows the reason for its kidnapping, but on the left microcassette they are finding the manual, according to which Dr. Gordon is supposed to kill Adam in the sequence of 8 next hours. If for him it will fail, not quite both men will die, it is also Allison, the Lawrenca wife, and their daughter will be killed. Dr. Gordon is reminding himself the lasting just investigation led by the Tappa detective (Danny Glover) and both realize that they are next victims of the psychopathic genius called "Jigsaw". In the sequence of only a few hours men must fit jigsaw puzzle pieces to themselves struggling growing, with the passage of time, with terror. The murderer left only a few pointers and two, too weak handsaws for them in order to incise steel cuffs, but the body strong enough in order to cut in two with them and bones.

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Hoffman is seemingly the last person to survive the game Jigsaw. In fact, he continues the work of the Jigsaw. When his secret is threatened Hoffman goes on the hunt to eliminate all the losers for their endings.
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