Present Continous
1 I am not doing my homework now.
2 She isn't working at the moment
3 We aren't going to the school
4 He isn't singing now
5 Mary isn't writing e-mail
6 Are you listening music?
7 Is she watching television now?
8 Are we going to the cinema?
9 Is Tom playing games with her at the moment?
10 Are you sitting in the classroom?
Present Simple
1She doesn't like him
2 I don't know about that
3 He doesn't speak German
4 We don't go to school on Saturday
5 I don't read book on weekends
6 Do you like pizza?
7 Where does he work?
8 Does she buy this bike?
9 Do they smoke?
10 What do you want for me?
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!


His father doesn’t give him pocket money every week.Jego ojciec nie daje mu kieszonkowych co tydzień.
His parents don’t give him pocket money every week.
He's mother doesn't like milk.
He's brother doesn't like play football.

What does his father give him every week? Co jego ojciec daje mu co tydzień?
Who does his father give pocket money every week? Komu jego ojciec daje kieszonkowe co tydzień?
What money does his father give him every week? jakie pieniądze daje mu jego ojciec co tydzień?
How often does his father give him pocket money? Jak często jego ojciec daje mu kieszonkowe?

The American tourists aren’t talking to your friend now. - Ci amerykańscy turyści nie rozmawiają z twoim kolegą teraz.
My brother isn't playing football at the moment.
My mother isn't cooking now.


Who isn’t talking now? - Kto nie rozmawia teraz?
Who is talking to your friend now? - Kto rozmawia z twoim kolegą teraz?
Which tourists are talking to your friend now? - Którzy turyści rozmawiają z twoim kolegą teraz?
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Present Simple:
1. He isn't buy this yellow car.
2. Mary isn't as pretty as Anne.
3. You aren't nice for him.
4. I am not buy this blouse.
5. We aren't in the same group.
1. Is she old enought?
2. Are you go to school?
3. Is Mark go with us?
4. Are they recognise us?
5. Are you serious?

Present Continious:
1. He isn't going to the party.
2 I'm not playing with you.
3. You aren't making this cake right.
4. We aren't buying her new phone.
5. They aren't coming to my birthday.
1. What is he doing?
2. Are you finishing?
3. Where is she going to school?
4. When are you playing the guitar?
5. Is he making the exercise without us?
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