Tkink about a summer festival in your cautry. Make notes to answer the questiona.
1 When is the fesival
2 how many people go there
3 Are there any special activies?
(sport music dancing
4 is there any special food
6 What sholuld visitors bring ?

Tera mam opisac to w zdaniach ten festiwal.
W pierwszej czesci Co to za festiwal okolo 3 zdania.
W drugiej activities
there is/ there are
W trzeciej czesci Advice fir visitors
Remeber to bring/ don't forget




1. This is the Poprock Music Festival. It usually takes place in Warsaw in the end of July or in the beginning of August. This year it's gonna be on July the 25th.

2. Every year there's more than 5 000 people just join us! :)

3. There's a lot of special activities such as: Meetings with the bands on backstage and free drinks and food.

4.Remember to bring your camera and a good mood ;)
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Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
One of the most popular summer festivals in my country is Heineken Open’er in Gdynia. It’s a typical music festival with popular and alternative artists.
Heineken Open’er starts in the beginning of July every year. You can find there about twenty thousand people. Some of them care only about music, others try some specials activities like theatre or cinema. There is game area, where you can play xBox-360 games. If you like playing music there is an instrument area. You can find guitars, basses and drums out there. When you are hungry you can go to a restaurant place, where you can buy typical Polish food like bigos or sausages.
When you go there for three or four days you can’t forget a tent. Of course there is a campsite near the festival place. Remember to take enough money with you, because everything is very expensive there!
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