1 . That was 2 years ago. I sat on the beach and watching the sun jaskropomarańczowe reflected in the panes of blue water. Things to do ... like I should be happy, but how? Ni whom to speak, nor walk with someone. Parents are not the same. At home I left my friends who are definitely having fun and I'm sitting here and I look blankly at the sun. I was sitting alone with my sole occupation was watching an interesting walk along the sea front pairs or small children collecting shells washed ashore by waves. My eyes caught me sitting near the girl in blue dress and a big airy straw hat, which lay near her. She had sparkling blue eyes and long blond hair, which only added to her beauty. He turned away and stared at the red sun is hiding behind horizon. I looked again in that place, but saw only a straw hat lying. I got up, brushed off the sand and picked up a hat. Girls, however, was nowhere. Do not wonder too long, walked away toward the hotel. The next evening I went to the beach, hoping to meet blondwłosą owner of a hat. Not mistaken, was sitting in exactly the same place. I approached her and sat down next to it. - Your hat, leave it here yesterday - he spoke hesitantly. -Oh yes, I thought I lost it - she cheerfully replied. Beat to it so joyful aura that immediately liked it. - I'm Caroline - she added. - Aska - "I said no I said too much, but Caroline talked about the deal with ease. - I live here since birth, although I would prefer to live in the mountains. But I could not come there every evening and watch the sunset, and that so pleasurable. And you? - Me? - Yes, where are you? - I am on vacation. - I answered - I envy you - I replied after a moment - What? - She asked. - All these daily sunsets ... - E there - she waved her hand stopping me - no, what. Obejrzałyśmy it is, it was already dark, so we moved toward my hotel. There pożegnałyśmy and walked away. One Saturday evening we sat on the beach - Come go - suddenly said Caroline. - Where, I asked - Amusing Ourselves! - Exclaimed - Quiet, but where? - I asked again. - See - she replied, then started toward the town. We reached the place where he enjoyed and a lot of people. Wytańczyłyśmy for all time. Carolina, she met me, even if your friends with whom I spent nice time. Spotykałyśmy within two every night, during those two weeks we learned almost everything about myself. Rozumiałyśmy without words. But it is a day where I had to leave, żegnałyśmy a very long time. I sat in the car and waved her goodbye. Wymieniłyśmy the numbers and now has to make friends, because friendship is a wonderful thing.

2 . In their work, write as I met Dominika S.
One day when it's first day going to school I noticed that a friend from the yard it goes. She was dressed in white tights, a beautiful dress and a red, shiny sandals.
Quickly dressed and ran out of the house, but Dominic was already far. Do not have time to catch up with her.
We met in the school hallway.
I approached her and asked what they are interested. She answered me that he likes to ride on rollers, cycling and skating.
We are very happy, because Dominica interested in the same as me.
The girl from the first grade came after me for 7:20 and my mom called it "a Swiss clock." Her mother laughed at that as soon go out.
Today we get along very well and spend time together outside of school. Sometimes, even the time we leave somewhere. Frequently we go to the lake, which lies close to our town. There is a very pleasant and nice to be resting.
I hope our friendship will last a lifetime