Typical kangaroos have slender chests, sheep-like heads, large movable ears, and heave hind parts. They have long powerful hind legs, with which they make their characteristic leaps, and short forelegs, with five unequal digits. In a single leap can cover a distance of 25 ft. a large-sized kangaroo.

To balance the animal when sitting upright or leaping is used the long powerful tail. The hind feet typically have four toes, the toe adjacent to the outside digit bears a long sharp claw, used in defense.

Kangaroo common name for any of fifty-two species of diprotodont marsupial animals constituting the family Macropodidae, found in Australia and neighboring islands. The kangaroo, although ordinarily a timid animal, is dangerous when at bay, pummeling its attacker with its forepaws and slashing with its claws.