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WENECJA:The first Inhabitants of Venice were Refugees from the plain of the Po, who in the fifth century on the islands of the lagoon were sheltered against the incursions of the Barbarians. It's muddy, it has Become Another Place kolebkš iatowej power. In the period from August to the Fifteenth Century, During the reign of the Doges (Elected leaders), Venice was największš potęgš gospodarczš of the Mediterranean: Enriched primarily on trade with the Orient spicy. Huge income allowed dożom fabulous building Palaces, churches and residences, the Comma dzisš głównš atrakcjš turystycznš city. At the end of XVw. A Period of Decline of this power, in 1797 Napoleon troops Took Venice and Austria sent js.
BRAZYLIA:Poryugalczyk Pedro Alvares Cabral was going to India, but on 14 April 1500 discovered Brazil. He did it on 300lat portugalskš colonies. Only in 1822, Brazil became an independent empire, and in 1899 republikš federalnš. After World War II iatowej Brazil led by a democratic president Kubitchka experienced rapid economic development. This phase ended in 1964 coup. For the next 20 years Brazil suffered brutalnš wojskowš dictatorship. In 1985, Brazil returned to democracy, but remained the economic chaos. Niewyobrażalnš inflation wynoszšcš thousand hours per cent a year, attempted to master wprowadzajšc ever new currency. Success has brought only introduced in 1994 "Real Plan": escalation was stopped, the economy is experiencing economic growth, and the huge foreign capital inflow. But still one-sixth of ludnoi are illiterate and poor sat slums of big cities such as Sao Paulo, Rio, Salvador and Recife.
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