Jeżeli potrzebujesz więcej napisz przywatnie a tak wogole tekst napisany po polsku potem tylko przetlumaczylem na angielski :)

Bialystok - the capital city region of Podlasie. Its area covers almost 103 km2, while the number of inhabitants reaches about 300 thousand. Thus, taking into account the statistical data, Bialystok is the second place in the category of population density in the midst provincial cities, while in the eleventh when the number of people inhabited, and in terms of space - the thirteenth. So much for statistics ...

The shape of the city also includes the adjacent municipalities and local areas, thus creating agglomeration Bialystok. The city certainly can be called a multicultural, since the proximity of countries such as - Belarus, Lithuania and Russia, over the centuries shaped the historical and cultural awareness of the local population. Thanks to these areas are inhabited by different nationalities, different cultures and different religious denominations, but this is not complicated, but more variety to the local population lives. Russians, Tatars, Gypsies, Ukrainians, Belarusians, Poles, and of course, live together, creating a unique atmosphere, but maintaining their national and cultural identity..
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