Write the questions. Do you know the answers?
przyklad Who said "hasta la vista baby? (say)
1.How many formula 1 world championships --------------?
(ayrton senna /win)
2.Which US president--------- the Nobel Peace Prize in 2002? (win)
3.Who ------------ the film Reservoir Dogs? (direct)
4.When ------------- president of South Africa? (Nelson Mandela/become)
5.Who--------- The Lord of the Rings? (write)
6.What----------------- before he became a singer? (sting/do)



1. did ayrton senna win
2. won
3. directed
4. did Nelson Mandela become
5. wrote
6. did Sting do
1. ........... won ayorton senna
2. ... won
3... directed
4.... Nelson Mandela became
5..... wrote
6.... did sting