Napisz pytania i odpowiedzi . Użyj odpowiedniej formy czasu present pefect z How long..? oraz for lub since. 1 A you/have/the internet? B I/have/the internet/ages 2 A your/parents/work/in radio? B they/work/in radio/they were in their twenties 3 A you/want/to be a news reporter? B I/want/to be a news reporter/I was a child 4 A Liz and Lucy/be/intrested in/magazine journlism? B they/be/intrested on/magazine journlism/about three years 5 A your/uncle/write/articles/for the local newspaper B he/write/articles/for the local newspaper/since / he was a young man



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1. A. How long have you had the Internet?
B. I have had the internet for ages.
2. A. How long have your parents worked in radio?
B. They have worked in radio since they were in their twenties.
3. A. How long have you want to be a news reporter?
B. I have want to be a news reporter since I was a child.
4. A. How long have Liz and Lucy been intrested in magazine journlism?
B. They have been intrested on magazine journlism for about three years.
5. A. How long have your uncle wrote articles/for the local newspaper?
B. He has wrote articles for the local newspaper since he was a young man.