Dear ...(imie)

As you know i am traveling... this time, i planed to go into mountains.I
love to see the sun rising above the clouds...it is the best place to see thinks like that. I feel so free, so i will be here , i think 3, days more.
See you later...;]
Hi John!

I'm having a great time in Alps with my family. There's so much to see! I didn't expected that there are a lot of tourists in summer! They usually go walking in the mountains but the don't do skiing because of high temperature.
Well, I'm going to stay there for 2 weeks. My parents booked a room in the 5-star hotel 10 days ago. The hotel looks really nice. You can find a swimming pool outside. Inside you can find over 200 apartaments, restaurant, gym, spa and sauna. But I don't like these things. On the other hand, I really enjoy trecking in the mountains.
In Italy I met some new friends, but they're not only Italian. Lin is Chinese, Ivan is Russian and Pierre is French. They're so funny and I liked them from the first time.
I think you should visit Alps. There are so many things that you can really enjoy.

Your friend,
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