Opisz swoją miejscowość. Wykorzystaj poniższe pytania jako pomoc: (Miejscowość to Łódź . )
Where do you live
How big is the populacion
Do you like living there ?Why
What are the good things in your town
What are the bad things
Do you think your town was better or worse ten years ago
How is it different now ?
Do you want to stay in your town or do you want to move away? Why?



1.I live in Lodz
2.is very populacion
3.I like there to live because it is cool.
4.In my city monuments are good things
5.it isn't well
6.I think that it is worse than now
7.Everything is different
8.I don't want to stay it is nice
10 3 10
I live in Łodź.
The boat is a very popular city in Poland.
I like to live in Łódź, because it is a big city and interesting.
In my town there are many museums, parks and other very interesting sites.
In my town a lot of bad things automotive exhaust.
In my opinion, ten years ago in Łódź was better because it was less pollution.
Differs in that it is now more of these pollutants, automobile exhaust.
In the future I would like to live in the village, as in big cities is a loud silence and I will.

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