1Cracow - Wawel

The biggest tourist attraction is Krakow's Wawel castle, the hill on which the two key landmarks: the Royal Castle and Wawel Cathedral. Wawel Royal Castle is undoubtedly the most famous occurring in Poland. It is a monument of the Renaissance. Wawel Cathedral, however, is the largest Renaissance church in Poland. It should also be remembered that the Wawel hill in the dark cave of the legendary Wawel Dragon resides. The hill offers a gorgeous view over the Vistula and the Planty.

Mary ościół

2 While visiting the most important religious monuments of Krakow's best to start from St Mary's Church. This beautiful Gothic Basilica is located on St. Mary's Square, immediately adjacent to the main square.

3At the main market and focus around the major sights of Krakow. There are the Cloth Hall, Town Hall, St Mary's Church, the monument of Adam Mickiewicz University, St. Wojciech and plenty of historic buildings. In addition, the market famous for its pigeons, a lot of flower shops and wonderful restaurants. Market Square in Krakow is a place of rest, both great and tourists, a meeting place for personal and business, the number of events and entertainment. This center, the heart of the bustling city to a very late at night - you feel it.

4St. Peter's basilica. Trinity

Krakow is full of beautiful religious monuments. Located there are many churches and chapels, which are our national heritage. One such place is situated on ul. 12 carpenter Gothic Basilica of the Holy Trinity.

5Historic Townhouses

Cracow is also, of course, countless buildings. Walking around the city center, we see them almost at every step. In addition to the undoubted architectural value they build in us the atmosphere of the past year and past epochs

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