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1. The ncws about the exam results distrcssed Sidncy.
2. The company has cut all salaries.
3. A plumber is repairing Shirlcy's showcr.
4. They pay firefightcrs a lot of moncy.
5. Could you feed the dog?
6. We will appreciate an carly reply.
7. We usually grant a discount of 30%.
8. We arę sending our latest calalogue undcr separate cover.
9. Your products impressed us.
10. She didn't win the prizc.
11. People don't use this road vcry often.
] 2. You must not wash this coat.

13. They have changed the datę of mecting.
14. They serve hot meals till 10 p.m every day.
15. They arę building a ncw ring-road round the city.
"16 They arę operating on him at the moment.
N17 The others told the ncw sludcnts where to sit.

proszę o szybką odp. Grozi mi jedynka i na jutro muszę to zrobić, a nie wiem jak
* 18 They require of pupil s to change shoes when cntering school.



Masę błędów narobiłeś :P

1. Sydney has been distressed by exam results.
2. The salaries have been cut by company.
3. Shirley's Shower is repairing by plumber
4. A lot of money is payed to firefighters
5. Would dog be fed by you?
6. An carly reply will be appreciated
7. Discount of 30% is grant.
9. We were under impressed by products
10. The prize didn't won by She
11. This road aren't used by people often
12. This coat don't need to be wash
13. The day of meeting have been changed
14. Hot meals are served till 10 p.m.every day
15. A new ring-road is building by them around the city

Pewnie zrobiłem kilka błędów. To będzie dla Ciebie alternatywa, jakby nikt nie odpowiedział. Wszystkiego zrobić też nie potrafię.