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1.why is woodside technology college different from other secondary schools. ?
2.what special equipment do students use in their lessons ?
3.what schools subjests are compulsory ?
4.when students do GCSEs and A Levels. ?
5.what is Gemma going to do in her music lesson today ?
6.what will Gemma do if she passes her A Levels. ?

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,,new adventures"



1.begins to 11 years, it is necessary to wear uniforms, there are other hours of science, and only five compulsory subjects."
2.so enjoy the lesson specialnych equipment"
3.School is compulsory up to the age of eighteen
4.to leave school, have to write an exam"
5.the music lessons will benefit from digital equipment
6.following the transition to a higher level wants to be a sound engineer in college" :)
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