Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
If I eat my sister's chocolate lamb, my mum will get angry.
She might take part in our Easter Parade.
What a beautiful tulip she hold in her hand!
I'll give my mum that beautiful lily.
I've Decorated some eggs and put them into my basket.
Let's begin the Easter egg hunt!
I'd like you to hide some chocolate eggs in my wardrobe.
Would you like a chocolate bunny or a chocolate chick?
Chocolate makes I feel happy.
People shouldn't hunt for animals.
Where did you hide my book?
Did you buy eggs in supermarket?
Will you decorate my apartment?
I'm vegetarian so I don't eat lamb.
Every year the bunny comes for us and gives the presents.
The spring is the best part of year.
Do you want tulip for my garden?
He give me basket with flowers.
She dyes her hair and she looks gorgeous
I love lily