Television has a major impact on people mainly through the content in a variety of programs, information, educational, entertainment, films, etc. All programs regardless of the intentions of its authors, in fact, always educational impact on the public, especially young people, who are still in the formative period of attitudes.Television systems for children and young people also finds its expression through the use of it. Watching television does not require any physical activity, even leaving home. It is very easy, but a passive way of spending leisure time. TV heavily promotes passivity and mental laziness and lowering the efficiency of abstract thinking. Pick an image for the younger child typically remains at the level of observations...
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"The impact of television on teen life"

More and more young people do not see the world outside of television. This is not good. Do not read do not learn and are growing problems in science. Television is getting stupider and take more time in adolescents. They cease to have interest in hobbies. Often become aggressive. They have fewer friends. They evolved to me mentally.
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