Zadanie z angielskiego.. prosze o pomoc

1. przekonaj kolege ze rzecz ktora kupiles jest tego warta; (min 80 słów)
2. zaplanuj wakacje (czas przyszly)(uzycie formy be going to) ; (min 80 słów)
3. porównaj ze soba dwie osoby, rzeczy, zajecia lub miejsca (min 80 słów)



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
1.Yesterday I bought a new volleyball. She is light and it is possible her far to reflect. Very much she appealed to me and I want to show her you. I was in the special sports shop, at there the seller told me about new balls of special material. I talked to the coach and he said I will be able to study on of the one profesional for ball.
2.Soon holidays are already beginning, so I must plan what we will be doing. I think that we will go to the beach and we will play the beach volleyball, later we will visit our friends. We will go to ice-cream to new kawiarnii, and then I will show you fish which I am going to buy.
3. Do you remember the old café? She was wonderful to the time, when the owner is adding less sugar to ice-cream. The new café has the better tea and cookies than an old person. When there was no you they built the cinema, but it is worse from it from the city beside.