Zapisz zdania w stronie biernej (passive voice)
1. This company makes computers for children.
2. The police have arrested a dangerous criminal.
3. Strong winds destroyed an old tower in Borneo last night.

Odpowiedz na pytania w minimum 4 zdaniach.
1. Why do people learn foreign languages?
2. What ambitions have you got? What would you like to do in the future? What is your dream job and why?
3. What do you remember from your childhood?



1. Computers for children are made by this company.
2. A dangerous criminal has been arrested by the police
3. An old tower was destroyed by strong winds in Borneo last night

1. People learn foreign languages because of many reasons. Sometimes they simply want to have a better education and find a good job in the future. Others like travelling round the world and being able to communicate with people of different nations. People also learn languages because they have to. It is one of the school subjects and they are forced to learn.

2. In the future I would like to be an astronaut. I believe that there is nothing more amazing than being able to travel into space. It is something which only few people do in life. In addition, I like physics and I am very interested in astronomy. That is why, I feel that I am a perfect candidate for this job.

3. I have a lot of memories from my childhood. But my best memory is when I was at the seaside with my parents. I was four years old then and we went to Gdańsk. I still remember those huge ships in the harbour. I liked playing in the sand but the only thing I didn't like was that my father didn't let me go into the water.