Extreme sports are popular present days. There are many kinds of dangerous events such as motorbike racing, parker, skating and much more. In all of them, it is about checking your breath.
Firstly, I would like to say that every kind of exercises is good and healthy but there is a boundary, which people should not cross. For example when a sportsman risks his own life for result. I saw a few dead on TV when the experience and abilities were not enough in those moments. There is too many deaths cause of no imagination of sportsmen. On the other hand, the persons who practice Extreme sports are usually young, and this is an idea for them how to live. If they stop practicing their sports, they will start boring. They will be looking for some other entertainment. It could be something much worse than sports, to put in another way the extreme events are good because they threaten only the one person, which practice.
In my opinion the extreme sports are great way of spending free time. It is very spectacular and I watch on TV with the tricks, but I am upset when I hear that someone dies in youth because of stupidity
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