Write the questinos in the correct order
going to/when/Mr Webb/but the software/is
When is Mr Webb going to but the software Webb/going to/on Sunday/is the software/going to/Mr Webb/where
3.the students/are/when/going to/start the web page
4.going to/are/type/the studensts/what
5.type/when/them.they/going to/are to/on Thursday/what/they/are
7.Mr Webb/is/do/what/on Friday/going to
Now read Mr Webb's notes and answer the questions in exercise 1

When is Mr Webb going to buy the software

he's going to buy the software on Saturday

Dont't forget

Satyrday buy the software
Sunday read the instructions
Monday install software in the I.T.classroom
Tuesday start the web page with the studensts
Wednesday type the text
Thursday scan the photos
Friday put the website on the Internet



Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
Zadanie 1

1 What is Mr. Webb going to read on Sunday?

2 where is mr webb going to install the software?

3 when are students going to start the web page?

4 what are the students going to type?

5 when are they going to type them?

6 what are they going to do on thursday?

7 what is mr webb going to do on Friday?

Zadanie 2

1 he's going to read the instructions on sunday

2 he's going to install the software on monday

3 studens are going to start the web page on tuesday

4 students are going to type the text

5 they are going to type it on wednesday

6 they are going to scan the photos on thursday

7 mr webb is going to put the website on the internet on friday
4 4 4