Hi! My name is Przemek. I would like to tell you about my adventure, which happened to me in the middle of summer. Together with my family decided to go for two weeks in New York. We left the airport in Warsaw on 5.00 am. The trip took about three hours. Once we got there it started to rain. We went by taxi to our hotel. The hotel was super! Once we went out together ^ ^ We went to explore the city. We saw the statue of liberty, and lots of really interesting things.
The next day we wanted to taste the dishes in New York. We went to the restaurant. The food was really delicious. In the evening we arrived at the firework show and the birthday of the President of the United States. Thus, we passed a whole week. The trip was successful.

jest tu 143 słów tylko poprostu zmien sobie imie w pierwszym zdaniu :)
Najlepsza Odpowiedź!
I was in New York two years ago. It was amazig! I was there in my uncle Tom, beacouse his daughter invited me. Uncle Tom showed me all New York. I visited a lot of museums, cinemas, I saw Empire State Building, Times Squere streat, ONZ abode and a lot of other interesting place. My uncle took me to fun-fair. It was increrable. The most like me was Ferris wheal. I love go by taxi, and in New York is a lot of taxis. I often use this means of transport. Eveniongs, I with me cousine went to the best disco club in New York. There is other life than here, in Poland. There people use life. At weekend they rest, they meet friends and relaxed. I love New York, there is a lot of cloths shops, I often by cloths there. My cousin told me some long story New York. When I was in New York I am learning my anglish and I saw a lot of beautiful views.