-Hi Caitlin! I've got request to you :).
-Ok, what's the metter?
-I have to read book for tomorow, but I haven't any time to boorow it from my library. Can you do it for me?
-No problem, becouse I have to go there too, today. What is the title of your book?
-Ohh, it's Romeo and Juliet. So it's not a problem?
-It is not a problem. Don't worry. I'll go to the library after next break.
-Cool. Thank you so much. Have you got free time about 6 o'clock?
-Yes, sure.
-So we can go to the cinema, and I'll take my book from you.
-Fantastic idea!
-see you soon. bye bye.
Michael:I have some question to you?
Stephan:what's the question?
Michael:Can you go to library and borrow book for me?
Stephan:ok what's book?
Michael:I want you borrow for me book(nazwa książki i autor np: nazwa ksiązki, author: nazwa autora)
Stephan:no problem, but why you can't borrow this book?
Michael:I can't borrow this book because now i have to go to hospital because my grandfather is ill.
Stephan:ok so i borrow this book for you, but when i give you this book?
Michael:You give me this book tomorrow at school.
Michael:ok, thanks.Goodbye
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