I miss you!!you know this.

I was writing to you when,the lights went out.I went to fusse fox i saw two wires were showing.i froze.Sorry.
I want will be a doctor.it was joke.but,i don't know who i want will be.....
In my life nothing change.I only lern to much.i don't know is it good but,i think is so good.??.I change my room .i have a new wardrobes..My times i spen diffrend .i always go to swimming pool on.monday.i lern to much.I want see you.

I want meet you .that is all for now.
See you summer.bye!!!
Reverence Paweł!
Excuse me that I didn't answer your letter but I was absorbed. I had to clean the room, to help parents and the sister. Because of that I forgot everything to look into the box. At me everything is all right. I am healthy and very much satisfied. Now I just think what to do in the free time. I hope that quickly you will answer me. I will be waiting.
Your friend.........