I am .."alpa". I have(wiek wpisz swój) years old. I have three brothers. The oldest with my brothers is(wpisz imie brata). He has got 13 years old. he has got brown, short hair and blue eyes. He is slim and very toll. My older brother is Stefan. He has hot 12 years old. He loves sport. He has hot blond, short, curly hair and brown eyes. My the youngest brother is Kuba. He has got 8 years old. He has got green eyes and long, brown hair. He is little and of medium build.

My mom is a book and runs his own accounting office in the center Pszczyna, is a great mom and accompagnato. My dad now lives far from the ocean .... has his own construction company and is doing well, unfortunately I have no siblings, although I would love to have an folder sister. My grandmother also keeps your business specifically is a hairdresser in Jastrzeb. Grandma is probably no great as any grandmother. At the end I will tell a little about me-I am a student ILP in Cieszyn I go to class IB LP with something we are very glad he is only super-awful lot of science, but I think I will cope with the worst chemistry, physics and mathematics and the rest to some degree I fits.
My family is very lovely. I have mum, dad and three brothers. I love them. We have many passions for example we like swimming, so we often go to the swimpool together.