Wypracowanie z angielskiego the future z ksiazki new adventures (czerowny kolor ksiazki strona 65 zadanie 9 ) dodam tu pytania na ktore trzeba odp w wypracowaniu
1. How will life be in the future ? Will it be better ?
2. Why will life be better or worse ?
3. What is important for the future ? What must we do ?
4. What will be the consequences of the actions ?
5. Do you feel optimistic or pessimistic about the future ?
6. What will we be able to do and waht won't we be able to do ?

pierwszy paragraf powinien sie zaczac od slow
In my opinion..
I think it's important that..
In general I fell..



In my opinion life in the future will be better. There will be more comfort than today and we'll be able to buy in Net whatever we like. So, there won't be any shops and horrible queses.
I think it's important that nowadays lots of people study in universities and other high schools. We must learn as well as we can because our life in the future will need our experience. If you want to have a very fast car and more comfort in your life, do it.
In general I feel our feature will be convenient for us. If we do what I write in this article, we will be better people.
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